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Publié le 11 November 2019
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Domaine Joffre

Wine estate

Domaine Joffre is above all a family project, coming from 5 generations of farming enthusiasm. Today, Jean-Luc, Danièle, Vincent, Julie, Olivier and Agathe are pooling their skills to bring together wine lovers and taste adventurers across an exciting project:

Raising confidential vintages from an underknown terroir.

Since October 2012, we operate on 1.07 acres of vineyards in the Loire valley appellation of Châteaumeillant (Cher – Center of France) on Gamay, Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc.

Mindful about providing qualitative wines, we personally provide viticulture and winemaking, from pruning to bottles labeling.


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The vineyards are composed of Gamay and Pinot Noir. From this assemblage are declined a red wine and a fine fruity rosé wine. This last wine – also called “Gris” – is the historical product that made the vineyards of Chateaumeillant famous.
A Sauvignon Blanc wine also completes the range.

Particular care is taken in the vineyards (implantation, pruning, tying, grass management and yield among others) in order to combine qualitative viticulture and respect for the land and the environment.
These criteria are defined in a specification and compliance is essential to claim the Châteaumeillant appelation.


The winery is located at the boundary between the Indre and Cher departments in the heart of France.

Activities are carried out in collaboration, where Domaine Joffre pools investment and shares experience with other winemakers.

Each winemaker vinify its own wines in modern facilities (eg temperature regulated tanks) allowing increased mastery of the different stages of wine making process.

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